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  1. Lie to You


Somebody call 9-1-1
I'm gonna die
If I don't get some pussy in 5 minutes
And if you got a dub I'm trying to get high
With it
And if we all go to hell by way of a nuclear bomb
They'll probably tell me God did it
Whatever man.
I'd sing half way around the world and back down just to try and get through to you
I feel like your unborn sun ready to blast light
Through a black night, screaming four-letter words 'til you've heard the truth

But I won't cry and I won't die and I won't lie to you

Shit's getting hard trying to make living
Without having to steal, kill or fuck for it
Know what I mean? All for the cream
And inside every man or woman's a wounded child who got fucked up, soon as they hit the scene
So why the whole goddamn world is so crazy I truly understand and I just try to be real with it
And the hardest thing to ever be in life is a truly honest man
I know, I'm still trying to deal with it

But I won't cry and I won't die and I won't lie to you

Sometimes I want to scream out 'fuck the world' but then again I live here, and in the end what good would that do?
'Cause if I took a wrong turn at the crossroads and was gone for good
I wouldn't be here to love you
So I tell a joke or two just to crack a smile
Tell my girl 'I love you' or reach out to hold my child
Write a new line to a new tune
Pick up the phone to hit my man up
Anything to keep me from just throwing my hands up and screaming 'fuck it! Just blow it up.'